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Add the frozen strawberries and frozen pineapple pieces to a food processor. 250 g frozen strawberries. 250 g frozen pineapple pieces/chunks. Process until very finely chopped. Add coconut milk along with the white rum and coconut rum then process until blended and serve. 90 ml white rum. 200 ml coconut milk. 30 ml coconut rum.

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How to mix the drink: Fill a shaker with ice cubes. Add Malibu Original, pineapple juice and coconut cream. Shake. Strain into a highball glass.

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In a blender add 3 cups ice, 4 ounces Malibu rum, 4 ounces pineapple juice, 3 ounces cream of coconut, and 1 squeeze of lime juice. Blend. Mix on the high blender setting until smooth and frothy. Pour. Next, pour into hurricane glasses, garnish with an optional pineapple slice, maraschino cherry and tropical umbrella.

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This easy Malibu Pina Colada recipe with coconut rum is the perfect cocktail! It's the best way to enjoy all the tastes of the tropics with classical pineapple and coconut flavors backed with a.

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PREP: Chill serving glasses ahead of time to keep drinks extra cold. Slice pineapple wedges or limes, if using. Step 1: Measure pineapple juice and cream of coconut into the blender carafe. Step 2: Add the coconut rum (Malibu) to the blender. Step 3: Add the ice to the blender.

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Enjoy the delicious and refreshing taste of a ready-to-sip Malibu Piña Colada, all in a convenient and sleek 12 oz can. Perfect for your next hangout, this 4-pack of premixed cocktails offer the signature flavor of Malibu Rum in your favorite cocktails on the go. Pop open a Malibu Piña Colada in a can for a delicious taste of juicy pineapple balanced with sweet coconut flavor and smooth.

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MALIBU is perfect for making lush Pina Colada cocktails! Watch our drink mixing videos and learn how to make it in lots of different ways! Which one is your.

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How to make a Malibu Piña Colada! Looking for something to make with Malibu Rum? Look no further, because we're making Malibu Piña Coladas. Let's get into it.

Malibu Piña Colada Dole® Sunshine

This three ingredient cocktail is one of those Malibu cocktails that's perfect fo. Today on Booze On The Rocks I show you to make a Malibu Pina Colada Recipe.

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Malibu nutrition facts and nutritional information.. Calories (kcal) 120: Fat (g) 0: Carbohydrates (g) 8.4: Proteins (g) 0: Allergens; Milk No:. Piña Colada Cocktail In A Can , 7% vol. 7% ABV Serving size: 12 fl. oz.(355ml) Servings per container: Nutritional information

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To a blender, all all the ingredients. Blend at med-high speed for 45-60 seconds or until all the ingredients are completely blended and smooth. Pour into glass and enjoy right away while cold. Top with slices of fresh pineapple or maraschino cherries for garnish, if desired.

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This delicious cocktail was an instant hit in the island nation, and the people there adored the drink so much that it was declared as their national drink in 1978! But, the pina colada isn't just a cocktail. It's a vacation in a glass, and our Malibu ® pina colada recipe captures this spirit perfectly! This drink is designed for those of.

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1. First things first, grab a shaker and fill it up with ice cubes. 2. Next, pour in the Malibu white rum and the coconut cream. 3. Give it a good shake until everything is nicely mixed up. 4. Now, strain your mix into a hurricane glass that's already filled with crushed ice. 5.

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FLAVORED RUM COCKTAIL: Ready to drink liquor cocktail with flavors of juicy pineapple and a taste of coconut mixed with smooth RUM. INCLUDES: Four 12 fl oz cans of Malibu Ready to Drink Pina Colada Rum Cocktail; 14 proof or 7% alcohol by volume; Please enjoy responsibly. READY TO DRINK: Malibu alcohol drinks are easy to pour over ice or enjoy.

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How to make Pina Coladas with Malibu Rum. Step 1 - Mix sweetened condensed coconut milk, pineapple juice, Bacardi rum, nutmeg, and crushed ice in a blender until smooth. Step 2 - Pour into four hurricane glasses or long-stemmed glasses. Step 3 - Garnish with pineapple wedges, maraschino cherries, and cute little drink umbrellas if desired.

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Mix ¼ cup of fresh lime juice, ½ cup of pineapple juice, 1 tablespoon of sugar, 3 tablespoons of chopped mint leaves and 2 cups ice in your blender until it becomes slushy. Pour into glasses over crushed ice and garnish with additional sprigs of mint leaf for the perfect tropical drink!