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Climate stability is critical for Dry Aging perfection, consistency, and safety. Germs, bacteria, and mold don't stand a chance. Every 60 seconds the air is re-circulated and pristinely sterilized. The antibacterial inner layer in the chamber does the rest. Dry Aging has never been so safe, seamless or worry-free. EASE OF USE

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Dry-aged beef is processed in a similar manner, and when the meat is exposed to air over time, moisture is drawn out, the muscles break down, and the fat becomes more pronounced, resulting in a.

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Test (Without meat) -You can place some paper towels with some water splashed on them, or a sponge in a bowl to mimick the freshly cured meat, which will be 70% water content to start. The goal of between approx. 70-80% Humidity, and 50-59F/10-15C for dry curing meat.

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Maximum flexibility. The included stainless-steel hanger and optional shelves for meat and charcuterie, allow you to dry age up to 100 kg of food at a time. With the DRY AGER DX 1000 Premium S, however, an aging cycle really pays off, with a pay-off period of no more than 6 months in a business setting. Buy now Data Sheet.

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Our monitoring App is ready to download and connect. The PRO 15 is designed so that you can slide in our Horizontal Truss Rack (available as an accessory) for the ultimate easy dry-aging experience. Dimensions : 10" (H) x 11.5" (D) x 15" (W) - 38cm (W) x 30cm (D) x 25cm (H) Delivery: 10-14 days from date of order.

Dry Aging and Curing Chamber II Next Steps and Information Farcyde

PREMIUM QUALITY DRY-AGING AT HOME: SteakAger PRO 15 enables you to enjoy premium quality dry aged steaks at home using our in-fridge meat curing chamber. Transform your grocery beef into steakhouse quality mouthwatering custom dry-aged steaks and treat your friends and family. ALL IN ONE SOLUTION: Just unwrap and use!

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The unit can safely age up to 40lbs of beef (2 full subprimals), perfect for those wanting to dry-age larger quantities, stagger aging cycles, or experiment with your favorite cuts. Monitor your dry-aging experience at any time with our mobile app where you can track length of age, temperature and humidity. Width 18.875" Depth 18.25" Height 33..


Dry aging is a technique where unwrapped cuts of beef are stored in a dry-aging chamber where all aspects of the environment are strictly regulated like temperature, humidity, air circulation, and bacteria levels. Through the controlled environment, natural enzymes break down the meat without spoiling, making it become naturally more tender.

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The Original - from the No.1 brand worldwide. Dry Aging Cabinets, Dry Aging Walk-in Chambers, and Dry Aging Production Units. Quality Made in Germany. Timeless modern design on the outside - high-precision, sophisticated technology on the inside. Craftsmanship meets high-tech. Produce dry-aged meat, poultry, fish, sausage, ham, and cheese.

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With a premium dry ager like The Aging Room Chamber, you get more benefits on top of the perfect system to manage temperature and climate: The volume of the interior of the chamber is designed to maximize the effectiveness of the aging process. All systems of the chamber create and circulate a salty cold and humid microclimate to ensure an.

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At The Aging Room, our dry-aging chambers come equipped with a wall of pink Himalayan salt bricks. Using our patented techniques, the Himalayan salt wall helps eliminate any unwanted bacteria from the room and strengthens the flavor of the meat. To protect the chamber, the coating of the chamber wall is completely salt resistant.

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Aging meat properly can bring added flavor and tenderness to meat and the DRY AGER UX1500 PRO meat curing cabinet ensures that your meat is aged to perfection in a precisely controlled environment. Using UXAirReg technology, this cabinet maintains a perfectly stable microclimate without the need for water connections or drains making it easy to install and use. It has a temperature range from.

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When the meat is placed in the controlled chamber exposed to air, the moisture is pulled out and the natural enzymes in the beef break down the muscle slowly over time. This process is what makes the meat more tender. Once the surface of the meat dries the inside of it stays moist and red. Another part of the dry-aging process is the other.

The Aging Room Premium DryAging Chamber Using Salt DryAged Meat

The ideal range for dry curing beef is 32 to 35°F (0 to 2°C). This low temperature slows bacterial growth and promotes enzymatic reactions that are necessary to break down meat proteins and improve flavor. 2. Humidity. The humidity level in the chamber must be carefully controlled and is usually maintained at 85-90%.

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Aging on a large scale. Dry Aging Walk-in Chambers from DRY AGER. Made in Germany. With the maturation cell series, DRY AGER ® offers customized solutions that are available from 100 x 100 cm to 600 x 600 cm (W x D) and in different heights. Suitable for you! Choose from different design concepts and surfaces, colors and interior fittings as well as the desired maturation techniques and controls.

Dry Aging and Curing Chamber III Version 2 Farcyde's Stuff

Dry-Aging: I both dry and wet age meat. Meat that you can find in my curing / dry-aging chamber in the fall is from deer, elk, rabbit, ducks, and squirrel. My recommendation is to keep the temperature between 37.4F - 41F (3-5C). This range will give good progress on the aging progress with very slow bacterial growth.