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Sonic is well known for its tots, and for serving their deliciously portable breakfast all day long. So whenever a breakfast craving strikes, Sonic satisfies.. Enjoy breakfast whenever you'd like, available all day every day at Sonic. Monday - Thursday: 6 AM - 11 PM; Friday: 6 AM - 12 AM; Saturday: 7 AM - 12 AM; Sunday: 8 AM - 10 PM;

Sonic Breakfast Hours Menu Orders Online Breakfast Hours Time

Sonic serves breakfast all day at all of the locations meaning you can satisfy your breakfast cravings at any time at Sonic. Breakfast hours start and end with opening and closing time. The breakfast menu consists of classic and favorite breakfast items like sausages, eggs, bacon, cheese, French toast, and various other meals..

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What Time Does Sonic Stop Serving Breakfast. Sonic does not stop serving breakfast until they close. Many locations are open until 12:00 am, some may close as early as 9:00 pm. Does Sonic Serve Breakfast All Day. Sonic is one of the few restaurants where their breakfast menu is available all day. What Days Of The Week Does Sonic Have Breakfast.

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Breakfast Hours At Sonic. Sonic is one of the fast-food chains that offers breakfast, but the availability of breakfast items depends on the time of day. So, Does Sonic serve breakfast all day? The answer is no. Sonic follows standard breakfast hours, which may vary slightly by location. The typical breakfast hours at Sonic are from 6:00 am to.

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Sonic's entire breakfast menu is available all day, every day. Sonic Drive-In never stops serving breakfast. If it's open, there's breakfast, as simple as that. In my area, most Sonic restaurant locations are open from 6:00 am to 12:00 am, except on Saturdays and Sundays, when they open at 7:00 a.m. Your best bet is to use the chain's.

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One of the great things about Sonic is that its entire menu is available all day. Breakfast lovers are sure to rejoice, as the all-day menu means they can enjoy access to breakfast items any time the chain is open.. (which runs from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. every day). With an all-day lunch, Sonic is the place to refuel with tasty food when feeling.

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Sonic Drive-In does not serve breakfast all day. Breakfast items are available only during their morning hours. Sonic Drive-In, commonly known as Sonic, offers a diverse breakfast menu that appeals to early risers looking to kick-start their day with a delicious meal.

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There is, of course, only one question on everybody's mind right now: Does Sonic do breakfast all day? I'm happy to say that, yep, Sonic's breakfast menu is served all day long. Breakfast after 10 a.m. is a treat, doubly so when you're faced with a restaurant that does it well. Something about Sonic's breakfast food just tastes better when it.

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Take its Bacon Breakfast Toaster. As noted on the Sonic website, the sandwich "is crafted with melted cheese, crispy bacon, and fluffy eggs all stacked up on two thick slices of Texas Toast," but you can remove or exchange any of those items. If you would prefer to eat it sans cheese, for instance, can banish that ingredient from your meal.

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Combo Price: $6.00. #4 Jr. Breakfast Burrito. The Jr. Breakfast Burrito features sausage, eggs, and melted cheese. Price: $1.60. Calories: 290. If you order the Jr. Breakfast Burrito as a combo it will include medium sized tots or fries, and a regular coffee or a medium drink. Combo Price: $3.40. #5 Breakfast TOASTER.

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Sonic serves breakfast all day at participating locations. You can enjoy their breakfast menu any time during operating hours. Sonic has become a go-to destination for breakfast enthusiasts who crave flexibility in their meal times. The chain's commitment to offering its breakfast menu from open to close caters to various customer schedules.

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Sonic Serving Hours + Breakfast Hours. In the table below you can see all Sonic serving hours: Sonic Serving. Hours. Start Breakfast. 6:00 am. Stop Breakfast. 12:00 am. Working Hours.

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Sonic serves breakfast from 6:00 am, but they aren't the only times for Sonic. These times can vary based on the location of the store. The majority of Sonic restaurants open for breakfast at 6:45 AM or 7:15 AM or 8:15. The best thing to do is locate the closest Sonic Drive-In and the exact time for breakfast.

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Order breakfast online now at SONIC Drive-In! French toast, burritos and more. Be first in line, every time. Breakfast skip to main content. menu. locations. deals. careers. gift cards.. Do Not Sell My Info; Sitemap; TM & ©2024 America's Drive-In Brand Properties LLC v.1.329.

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Sonic Breakfast Hours. Aside from offering a unique dining experience, Sonic is the only fast-food restaurant that serves breakfast all day. However, remember that all Sonic restaurants do not operate on the same schedule. Throughout the week, the restaurants are open from 6:00 AM until midnight, except on Fridays and Saturdays; when they are.

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Breakfast is all day and all night at Sonic. As long as your local Sonic is open, the breakfast menu is available. You'll have to check your local Sonic for exact hours, but for example here in New York hours vary from 11am-4am in one location; and 9am to 12am in another.