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40 Best Breakfast Desserts. 80 Best-Ever Breakfast & Brunch Recipes. Chicken & Waffles. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins. Pizza Rustica . 78 Easy Easter Brunch Recipes.

Easy FourLayer Chocolate Dessert Recipe Taste of Home

52. Cinnamon Toast Breakfast Quinoa. If cinnamon toast was your most-loved childhood breakfast (same), this healthier version will hit the spot. Get the recipe. Spoon Fork Bacon. 53. Banana Bread French Toast. And here we thought it was impossible to improve upon banana bread. Get the recipe.

Pin on Desserts

15 Breakfast Recipes That Taste Like Dessert. If you wake up with an aching sweet tooth, you certainly need to try one of these dessert-inspired breakfasts as soon as you climb out of bed. From pancakes studded with Funfetti to cheesecake stuffed French toast, you'll have a hard time saying no to these decadent dessert-inspired breakfast dishes.

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Carlo's Bakery. Cake Boss Buddy Valastro makes insane cakes along with his famous cannolis and lobster tails at Carlo's Bakery at the Grand Canal Shoppes. Open in Google Maps. Foursquare. 3325.

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Once frozen, you'll blend the fruit with coconut milk and almond butter for richness. Drizzle with chocolate sauce and toss on a heap of raspberries for an extra special sundae. View Recipe.

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16. Bavarian Cream Donuts. Photo credit: Soft and airy with a light, sweet flavor, these Bavarian cream-filled donuts are an excellent option for a sweet breakfast. This sweet breakfast recipe takes buttery deep-fried brioche donuts and fills them with a rich French-vanilla-flavored cream.

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Chocolate Chunk Orange Scones. Lemon Cream Cheese Braid. Maple Sausage Breakfast Sliders. Cinnamon Roll Breakfast Bake. Churro Waffles. Bubble Waffles. Cheesecake Stuffed Banana Bread. Biscuit Cinnamon Rolls. Overnight Blueberries and Cream French Toast Casserole.

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Banana Coffee Cake. Broma Bakery. This mashup of banana bread and coffee cake gives you the best of both worlds, as well as a dose of potassium, per USDA data. One medium banana also delivers one.

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Peden + Munk. We get it: You had a rough week. You've been working hard. You need some damn sugar, butter, or both. We've got the solution: Make some pastries. Eat said pastries for breakfast.

30 Decadent Recipes That Let You Eat Dessert for Breakfast

This Bread Pudding is a classic dessert that uses your leftover bread and a delicious vanilla sauce to make the best breakfast dessert you've ever had! It's frugal and cheap to make, but the flavor is out of this world divine. Prep Time: 1 hour hour. Cook Time: 45 minutes minutes. Total Time: 1 hour hour 45 minutes minutes.

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6. Cranberry Breakfast Cake. Like rhubarb, cranberries are highly underrated. But their sweet and tart flavors work so well in baked goods! Every bite of this tender cake is a juxtaposition of a rich yet light sponge with pops of cranberry to balance the buttery crumb. Delish!

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Powdered Donuts. The combination of fried dough and powdered sugar works for funnel cake, zeppole, beignets, fry bread, and of course… powdered donuts. To create this sweet treat, we decided to.

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Red Velvet Cinnamon Rolls. Turn a box of red velvet cake mix into this easy dessert—or breakfast! The icing tastes good and makes a pretty contrast with the rolls. —Erin Wright, Wallace, Kansas. Go to Recipe. Try this cinnamon coffee cake next! 3 / 57.

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Easy Brunch Dessert Recipes: There are over 37 easy desserts that will fulfill your sweet need at brunch. 1. Coffee Cake. Coffee Cake. This Easy coffee cake recipe will be a hit at breakfast, weekend brunch or your next gathering. It is simple and delicious with crumb topping. Add a cup of coffee and you will be set.

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Best of all, you can make it with only three ingredients - angel food cake mix, crushed pineapples, and whipped cream. 22. Strawberry Shortcake Truffles. Made with a base of Golden Oreos, cream cheese, crushed strawberries, vanilla, and salt and then dipped in melted white chocolate, these truffles are so good.

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Jelly Donut Cake. Go to Recipe. Cake. Doughnuts. Now you don't have to choose between the two. Impress your family with this easy jelly-filled cake. Try your best to center the jelly in the middle of the half-filled Bundt pan so that it will not leak out the edges of the cake. —Colleen Delawder, Herndon, Virginia.